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Incremental progress on Hispanic judicial nominees

Posted on 12/03/2010 @ 03:38 PM

This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee unanamously approved two excellent Hispanic nominees for the federal bench and made plans to vote on another Hispanic judge. And President Obama nominated Esther Salas of New Jersey to serve on United States District Court.

On Wednesday, the Judiciary Committee unanimously approved two Hispanic judges who have been nominated to serve on U.S. District Court. Diana Saldana of Texas and Edward J. Davila of North Carolina now join Mary Murguia, Albert Diaz and a growing list of other noncontroversial, qualified judges who await action from the full Senate. Unfortunately, Republican blockades and stalling have made this final huddle a very high one.

The Judiciary Committee also announced that on December 8 it will hold a vote to move Marco Hernandez, nominee to be an Oregon District Judge, to the full Senate, as well.

We are also excited to pass along news that the President has nominated Esther Salas to serve on the District Court in New Jersey. Judge Salas was endorsed by the Hispanic National Bar Association which encouraged the White House to select her. We enthusiastically add Salas to the list of outstanding Hispanic nominees that we are urging Senators to support--and we hope you will join us.

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