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Hispanics for a Fair Judiciary

Our Courts

Diversity on the Federal Bench

While the U.S. Supreme Court now has greater gender and racial/ethnic diversity than ever, minorities remain under-represented on our federal courts. Minority representation alone is of course not the only factor in ensuring the judiciary is sensitive to the challenges that face marginalized communities, but as America and the legal profession grow more diverse, the legitimacy of our courts is undermined if they fail to reflect the diversity of the people they serve.

Alliance for Justice maintains a chart on the representation of women and minorities in the federal circuit courts which you can see here.

Considering eight of the nine current Supreme Court Justices previously served as federal appeals court judges, diversity on federal and state courts is important to ensuring that the Supreme Court continues to become more diverse in the future.

This is why Hispanics for a Fair Judiciary also works to promote the nomination and confirmation of diverse, qualified judicial nominees, supportive of equal justice for all, to federal appeals and district courts.

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